Saturday, September 10, 2005

torrent is my tv

The theme for today is creativity. Many good ideas are intersections of a multitude of happenings. For me there were several, each of which cut its own slice orthogonal to my plane of perception and left me with a lasting impression of creativity.

Last night I was bored. I started playing a unix port of a old AppleII game, "Taipan". Taipan was originally written by Art Canfill. Its such a sweet game for 2000 lines of C code. Kind of like lemonade stand or dopewars but classier. and I began to realize that the key to Taipan's charm is that it is written from the point of view of the person playing the game, not from the programmers point of view. It allows you enough personal decision making, but all the time tied up in a world where you are always taking chances...

I also checked out Which I liked very much. It is an MMO in html where the player can be many different classes of citizens, but is trying to survive in a zombified landscape. what I especially like is the story elements. The fact that they limit you to 50 actions per 25 hours is week though. You wander around for a couple minutes, then it over. You've used up all your points and have to wait til the next day while zombies are raping your corpse somewhere.

Some videotaped interviews of Jiddu Krishnamurti with Dr. Allen Anderson have been showing up on torrents. This is exactly why I only watch what I find on the internet anymore. The chance of ever running into Jiddu Krishnamurti in years of 500 channels is nil. Not gonna happen, but on filesharing, commonplace.
    The thing that we call "I" is the observer. The observer is put together by thought of the past. Thought is the past. Thought is never free. Thought is never new. Because thought is the reponse of the past... as knowledge, as experience, as memory. The observer, when he is observing is observing with all the memories of the past. With all that background he looks at the observed. So that the observer then becomes separate from the observed. The observer is the tradition of the conditioned mind that looks at things. So that the observer is always dividing. The observer is the past and therefor cannot observe wholly.
read this a few times. Its not readily aparent to anyone because it is a conditioned state that we all take for granted.

This however is the key to understanding creativity. True creativity. He goes into that. Because true creativity is the flipside to this observer state of mind. If you figure out what it is, then creativity is everything that it is NOT.


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