Friday, September 02, 2005

I love you, Lawrence Lessig

Lawrence Lessig is a great great man. He's about the only informed person fighting a war that all of us should be concerned about.
    Our leaders have lost this sense of balance. They have been seduced by a vision of culture that measures beauty in ticket sales. They are apparently untroubled by a world where cultivating the past requires the permission of the past. They can’t imagine that freedom could produce anything worthwhile at all.

the quote if from here. Yet another slashdot link that I take for granted in my daily bread.
    The danger remains invisible to most, hidden by the zeal of a war on piracy. And that is how the public domain may die a quiet death, extinguished by self-righteous extremism, long before many even recognize it is gone.

The real fight is understanding. The problem is that people love their content providers. Givem itunes. Click a couple mouse buttons and listen to, or view whatever. The flow capital is too much to even bother the average person with I guess.


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