Thursday, September 01, 2005

I like fighting

I like fighting, I dont know why. I know that its divisive and bad, but I feel a need to do it anyway. Here's a quote that I saw on some unamed door at an unamed university:

    I've often maintained that Chomsky's writings are merely records of performance, not competence. -- Mark L. Pine

while there is some truth to that quote (they are records as in recordings of performance, but there is nothin incompetant about that man), I question the persons motive for sticking it to their door. perhaps they are in linguistics and its the linguistics part of Chomsky that they dont like.

anyway, here's the combatitive response that I'm going to tape to their door tommorrow,

    I sometimes maintain that Chomsky is a great master.

    Like most things that are intellectual, Noam Chomsky infuriates those who do not understand him. The good news for Mark is that Noam is an intellectual, and because of that, no one ever has to take him seriously. The purpose of an intellectual like Noam is to generate thought, discussion and debate in the reader, nothing more.

    It is the commoners job to be a critic, the artisans job to create and never look back. Masters are often criticized by nobodies.

    A quick google search for Noam Chomsky returns 1,610,000 hits! whereas a google search for Mark Pine or Mark L. Pine both return 0 :-(

    Clearly we see that he who is without merit often throws the first stone. In fact, about the only interesting thing about that quote is the word Chomsky.

    -- Anonymous

god, I'm stupid


Blogger Nicky-Gnads said...

fucking hilarious dude! I hope you did post that up. Ha!

1:01 PM  

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