Tuesday, September 27, 2005

filmmakers are the new historians

I'm prolly the umpteenth person who blogged about it, but fuckem... I watched, ahem, I had to .. watch the Bob Dylan documentary filmed by Marty Scorcesi tonight on PBS. Lately, looking back at the past has hurt me. Knowing that I .. missed my chance. That I .. am like them. I mean, I'm no talent like Bob Dylan, but who is. and goddammit, I'm close. I've written scores of songs that are wonderful. Problems: can't sing. I never could. Nor could I even write an acceptable lyric half of the time. 2nd problem, I was born when I was born. Dylan was born at a time when the world was still raw like a baby's bottom. Ready to be molded by young, brilliant minds. and he did, and they embraced him for it. The shitty thing is .. I'm not entirely sure how to react. I know that when Ken Burns had the gall to do a 12 part documentary on Jazz that he single handedly killed the entire genre, so after today, I heretofor expect Bob Dylan to be relegated to the history books. We, as a culture have finally figured him out. To his credit, it took us 40 fucking years. but we did it just the same.

funny pictures that I found today:


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