Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wingnuts in Power

OMFG, I'm rolling on the floor. My brother called me this morning to tell me that there was some great guy on NPR (Richard Dawkins) talking about evolution. It turned out to be a show called On Point Radio that is out of WBUR in Boston, which this morning hosted a sort of pseudo radio debate between the leading Intelligent Design proponent, George Gilder and the leading proponent of evolution, Biologist Richard Dawkins.

Its basically far to easy to be flailingly Left, especially on the web, on a blog, so I wont bother, except to hint at that I'm probably one of those people who fall into the category of believing that this debate, if any, is beyond debating and just pure stupid. I'm not trying to push one theory over another. I just believe, rightly, that educational institutions have been established as venues for Science, the Liberal Arts, etc... There exists a fairly stringently specified category that states what is education and what is not.

The Liberal Arts were divided into the Trivium ("the three roads") and the Quadrivium ("the four roads").

The Trivium consisted of:

* Grammar
* Rhetoric
* Logic

The Quadrivium consisted of:

* Arithmetic -- Number in itself
* Geometry -- Number in space
* Music, Harmonics, or Tuning Theory -- Number in time
* Astronomy or Cosmology -- Number in space and time

(hmm, I don't seem to see religious faith listed in there???)

Evolution is Science. It may be correct, it might not. That sort of seems besides the point. Usually, there exists something that is called "the prevailing model". The prevailing model is generally what is agreed on as currently the "best bet". For instance, I still haven't entirely bought into the Big Bang theory, and believe that it will continually flesh itself out with new and interesting data long past my death. Eventually, the prevailing model known as Big Bang, which aids us in a quest to define space may not even resemble what we now think of it as. That's just the way science is and always has been.

Ok, so now to the good part. I had to pause the Real Player and let out a loud guffaw when Richard Dawkins said this quote (he's British),

"Well, its not true that we dont have wingnuts in this country that believe in these things, we do. The difference is that in this country, they dont get into political power."

what's the remedy?

"Education Education Education"

alright, back to work.


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