Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My growing understanding of AJAX

Well, my growing understanding of AJAX isn't much. I was just reading this new article. I think that I grokked the coming direction without actually knowing barely anything about the current technology or hinderances that web developers are experiencing. A couple of posts ago, I mentioned Firefox SVG, Scalable Vector Graphics, which is indicative of movement towards expanding the Web, which is really the killer AP of all of them, and the one that we spend the most time on, from just being server-side understood only text, to being full-featured deliverable applications that fit within one browser, and dont require a reload everytime the user manipulates a piece of data. This is huge. Picture OpenGL 2.0 running in Firefox. Or picture a real movie player, ala VideoLAN, Mplayer, or XINE or gdivx that runs in firefox, not Realplayer or WMV, who cares about these proprietary companies. They always squelch the pace of growth, as evidenced by more of the new news coming out of Vista.

-- Vista & OpenGL --

Microsoft are going to deliberately freeze and reduce the performance of OpenGL in their new graphics API. Basically, OpenGL will be backwards supported, but only up to OpenGL 1.4. It will basically be emulated from within D3D as I understand it. They are only even bothering to support it because of the vast array of games which use Unreal &/or Quake 2-3 technology, that they would be estranging too large of a demographic if they didn't. What is intended then, with the crippled OpenGL not posing as an attractive alternative to their shiny and feature rich DirectX 10 which ships with Vista, that many more developers will switch to it. Either way, what it all boils down to is another case of them trying to squash a perfectly valuable open standard, just because they can and with John Carmack, the graphics heavyweight of them all (who uses OpenGL) busying himself making rocket engines for Armadillo Aerospace instead of fixing all the shit wrong with Doom 3, there really isn't much hope.

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