Thursday, August 25, 2005

General Movie Criticism

I watched the movie The Island a couple of nights ago. I scribbled down a few observations as they occurred to me. Some were directed at The Island itself but others were intended to be more general. (The Island was an ok movie for the most part)

- actors now are only script actors. meaning, even if the script
reveals more and more to the audience as the film progresses, the actors
already know what is going to happen ahead of time. Consequently,
they cant act. They cant RE-act. They cant show outrage or surprise
properly. Its not their fault, its the director's. The director either
shouldn't have told them where the movie was going ahead of time, or he
should have been extra sensitive to the actors (mis)-portrayal of the
circumstances surrounding their characters.

- Directors dont know what they have. They dont respect it. They
aren't in awe of it. Even a passable movie project should be treated
as the best thing that has ever happened to mankind. Some truly
great movies are pieces of shit at their core, but someone believed
in the project and/or the actors gave it 110% making them special anyway.
"Rebel Without a Cause", "Bullitt".

- Entertainers now adays, in all fields aren't doing enough drugs.
Early Saturday Night Live, drugs. Great 60's & 70's rock'n'roll = Drugs.
Beatnick Literature = Drugs! There are about as many cases of this
on record as there are cases of "great" art. Everything interesting
that has ever happened usually involves someone taking drugs. All
major religions for example, from Budda, to Jesus, to Muhammed,
ahem ... Drugs.

- pandering to a stupid audience. Stupid entertainment presumes
stupid people. Always take the highroad. Write intelligent, witty
dialog. Write challenging plots. Never dumb it down on purpose.

- Never Plug a product. If you've even considered it, you're fucked
in the head. Product placement is for robots and people who've
completely mis-understood reality and need to be offed immediately.
Don't do it! There were some microsoft plugs in "the island", most
notably was the MSN search where the main character searched for
another character and didn't find any results. Yeah, exactly what
would happen in real life. Use MSN to find something but it wouldn't
find it. THe microsuck strategy isn't to make their search work at
all, but to spend so many goddamn dollars on ad campaigns that they
eventually massage public opinion into believe that their products
work. after that, what's the difference anyway? IT people suffer.
but who cares about them... no one. What's even sadder is how readily
people accept that their own reality has been mis-construed by others
so that others may benefit off of them. And that they lose doubly,
both in money and in mind-share, but are conditioned to ignore this.


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