Sunday, August 14, 2005

First Time in History

I just realized that in the past two weeks, I've found out about two different free internet TV shows. Essentially, that is what they are. They are amateur made, digest style TV shows. One is a comedy and one is a drama. They are both free downloads in .avi format from their websites. Not one but two. This must mean that there are more out there that I have yet to discover. Here is what they are:

Both of them are pretty good too. Fresh ideas. Different than anything in the mainstream television fare. Both these shows are daring. They are tackling ideas and formats never really tried before.

Pure Pwnage is video gamer humor out of Canada, which is pulled off masterfully. The main character Jeremy actually says stuff like lol and roflmao (pronounced roffel-mao) in his regular day to day speech. The other main character Doug is obsessed with FPS games and getting headshots. Brilliant characters and very funny.

Welcome to the scene is of a different breed. Apparently what Welcome to the scene is trying to do is dramatize the underworld of Movie Piracy as takes place in IRC. The show's format is even more startling. There is suprisingly little dialog in spoken form at all. Most of the show's dialog between characters takes place on a variety of instant messengers on the characters desktop, coupled with a room cam shot of the main characters face in the upper left so that you can read their expressions as they respond to dialog in the messenger. Welcome to the Scene is one big screen shot basically. Pirates and crackers are sort of frowned upon by the actual hacker community, so I essentially don't empathize with the characters at all and see them as sort of slimy weesles. If they go to jail, fuckem. But at the same time, there are enough interesting plot twists and sheer believability in Welcome to the Scene that I still want to know what happens next.


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